Enjoy! > Drawings and Paintings 2005-2010

"To think is to have a pain in the eye"

Ferdinand Pessoa

An assemblage is a "site at which a discursive formation intersects with material practices"

Jonathan Crary

In my paintings I ask Is it possible to talk about expression without talking about aesthetics?. How much is my desire to express passionally through paint a primal expression, when I have been looking at so "called" art works, works of art and therefore it has guided my work? And is it possible to talk about aesthetics without talking about beauty. When I have become so dissatisfied with what paint can do, is when I truly begin to enjoy the process. My painting practice has been a side car to my more avant guard works. Often it is a defiant practice, and I ask of it tell me by pushing and pulling me around the canvas. When asked what I do, I could say my paintings came off the wall, onto my head, wearing them around was entertaining to others, and so I became a performance artist.

Drawing is like thinking, painting is a talking.